Find an Engineer

Do you need to engage a Professional Engineer for a project?

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT) offers an on-line directory of engineering firms offering engineering services to the public. They can be reached at

Engineers offering services to the public in Connecticut must be licensed by the Board of Examiners for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Their web site offers a quick way to verify that an individual engineer or engineering firm is licensed. Click here.

The cost of design services for an average facility represents less than two percent of the total lifetime cost of construction, operation and maintenance. Investing in quality design services at the outset of the project can result in long-term savings in terms of a more efficient layout, occupant safety, durability, occupant satisfaction, ease of future expansions, and others. The initial impulse of some owners who have a need for design and construction administration services is to request prices from several engineers and to select the one that submits the lowest price or bid for the services requested. At first thought, viewing these services as a commodity rather than a professional service may seem to make sense. But a closer look into issues that impact the successful completion of a construction or renovation project reveals that an initial low bid does not necessarily result in the lowest overall cost or a better value to the building’s owner, manager or users. In fact, there may be many other reasons not to use price as the primary factor in the decision process. The Connecticut QBS Council is a non-profit organization sponsored by engineering, architectural and land surveying organizations to assist owners in finding the right professional for their project. They won’t recommend any particular professional, but will assist owners in setting up a process for interviewing, selecting and negotiating a fair scope and fee for your project.