You love engineering and you’ve invested years of your life and hard work to become an Engineer. What are you doing to protect that investment? Think of your membership in the National Society of Professional Engineers and the Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers as insurance for your professional career.

  • Protecting your Professional Interests – NSPE and CSPE defend you against the unlicensed practice of engineering and assaults in Washington, D.C. and Connecticut to restrict your practice.
  • Networking and Business Contacts – Make valuable personal and professional contacts when you meet colleagues from all disciplines and types of practice at local meetings and seminars. [Link to Calendar of Events]
  • Access to Timely Information – Although you’re busy, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest professional issues. You can with concise and interesting NSPE and CSPE newsletters, seminars, internet resources and more.
  • Develop your Professional Skills – Broaden your skills with continuing professional education, management seminars and useful publications. Active members can gain valuable leadership skills through active participation in state and local activities. [Link to Calendar of Events]
  • Public Recognition – Give something back to your profession with student outreach programs like MATHCOUNTS and public service programs that recognize the contributions of Engineers to society. [Link to MathCounts and Student Outreach pages]
  • Vital Career Guidance – As an engineer, you need more than technical knowledge to advance in your profession. We can provide expert career planning, mentoring programs, and job search resources. [Link to Mentoring Page  For online PE and EIT Review Courses click here.
  • You’re a professional. You deserve the recognition of membership in the Engineering community’s premier organizations—the National and Connecticut Societies of Professional Engineers.

Membership is open to all graduates of ABET certified engineering undergraduate programs.

Sign up today by clicking here! Or download CSPE membership brochure and application.